Letter 7 of 10: To the Struggling Nurse Right Now

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Letter 7 of 10: To the Struggling Nurse Right Now

INTRODUCTION: Erin Smital, Nursing Professional Development Educator & Nurse Residency Coordinator, RWHC

We offer a Nurse Residency Program that is designed for the new graduate nurse. It is structured around monthly learning sessions, with a focus on providing an interactive, reflective and enriched learning environment. The program is designed to enhance recruitment/retention of the new graduate nurse and support their transition into a competent practitioner. I am proud to announce that we recently completed year 18 of this program. I asked our participants to write an open letter to "The nurse struggling right now... ". These kind words of support and encouragement are meant for every nurse, in every position, in every stage of their career.

    LETTER 7

You passed the NCLEX! Great Job!; Thank goodness you don’t have to take that test again!

It gets easier. You might not think so right away, but your confidence will grow. One day, something will click and you’ll realize, “Oh yeah!! That’s why I’m doing this!” (it’s a great feeling.) If something you’re doing or you are told to do isn’t making you feel quite right or you are not comfortable doing it, speak up! Don’t let the more experienced RNs make you feel like you are not as much of a nurse as them. Advocate for yourself. Tell the manager/preceptor/mentor whoever you are working with what you need.

Don’t be afraid to try different specialties that interest you. Pay attention during the lateral violence lecture and conflict resolution. Spill your guts during small group. The people around you are in the same boat. They will help you get through any issues; they won’t judge you and they will support you.

—Signed, The Now “Semi-Experienced” RN smiley


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