Educational Services

Educational Services

Clinical Education Series  - A clinical education series for both new and experienced nurses. Come enjoy a day of enhancing your knowledge and improving critical thinking at the bedside for overall improved patient care in your organization.

Coding Education & Training - Upcoming Programs and Past Programs

Communication Cornerstones -
The challenge is… how can hospital organizations affordably train frontline staff in these skills, given the variety of shifts and demands of the work their service requires? Based on the input of the members from the RWHC Human Resource Roundtable, we've created a flexible way to deliver these needs. Each subscritpition offers a hospital organization access to all 6 sessions, their recordings, and materials.

Community Economic Professional Development - Quarterly professional development training on community economic development & community leadership topics.

Leadership Bites - Join us each month to rediscover the ingredients for success one bite at a time. In just 45 minutes, you will feast on leadership knowledge nibbles, network with others over lunch, and juice up on facilitated coaching…leaving each session with something to chew on and renewed vigor for your important work. 

Leadership Insights Newsletter - Monthly leadership newsletters by Jo Anne Preston, RWHC Workforce & Organizational Development Senior Manager.

Leadership Series - This innovative leadership development series is for both new and experienced healthcare managers.

Nurse Residency Program
- A year-long structured program offering support for the nurse graduate through monthly learning days and the support of an experienced nurse, a Clinical Coach. This program is open to both RWHC members and non-RWHC members.

Preceptor Training Program
- A two-day workshop which builds skills around aspects of the preceptor role and provides opportunities for practice and feedback related to the essential skill set for preceptors. This workshop is open to both RWHC members and non-RWHC members. 

Professional Roundtables - The opportunity to network with one's peers is one of the key advantages to membership in RWHC. We offer approximately 46 professional roundtables, representing a wide range of clinical and non-clinical disciplines; additional groups are considered on a regular basis. 

RWHC Orientation Portfolio Program - Working in collaboration with Hospital Educators and Human Resources Managers, RWHC has developed an online orientation program that can be used by students and agency staff to complete their training requirements.

Wisconsin Quality Residency Program - A virtual program that offers education modules for new or novice quality leaders in healthcare quality. The modules are highly interactive learning sessions facilitated by a team of expert and veteran quality professionals.

Walden University Resources - As a RWHC member, you may be eligible to receive a 10% tuition reduction on a high-quality program.