Credentials Verification Service

Why use a CVO? Whether you have a very small or large medical staff/network, outsourcing the credentialing process is the most cost effective way to establish a credentials file. RWHC is able to accelerate the verification process with database automation and online verifications that get the job done accurately, completely, and efficiently. You send a name and contact information; we take it from there until the file is complete and sent to you.

Continuous Monitoring. RWHC Credentials Verification Service fee includes continuous monitoring (monthly) of Medicare/Medicaid sanctions as well as state licenses and DEA.  We notify our clients immediately of all disciplinary actions when they are discovered.  RWHC also tracks the expiration of licenses, DEA, boards, and malpractice.  Clients can generate a report and view the images for expirables from our secure website.  

RWHC is Expansive and Experienced. We are a NCQA certified CVO with over 20 years of experience in many states and with all types of healthcare practitioners. RWHC is equipped to handle the credentialing needs of a larger healthcare organization, yet small enough to know our clients as individuals. We can assist you with meeting your required credentialing standards including those set forth by The Joint Commission, CMS, and NCQA.

RWHC is Different from National CVOs . We provide a comprehensive service; from mailing the application to sending the complete file to the client. Our fees are inclusive, no unexpected charges for verifications or when multiple requests are needed to obtain a document.  There are no monthly volume requirements.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. RWHC monitors file accuracy and turnaround time because we understand the importance of both for patient care and facility finances. File status is always accessible to you via our secure website.  If you have a question, you can contact us by phone or email. All staff are knowledgeable about the credentialing process, so our response is timely and helpful.

For more information, please contact Bonnie Laffey at or 1-800-225-2531.