Vision, Mission & Strategic Priorities

Vision (Future we want):

Rural Wisconsin communities will be the healthiest in America.


Mission (How we do it):

RWHC’s mission is to be a strong and innovative cooperative of diversified rural hospitals; it intends to be the “rural advocate of choice” for its Members.

… to develop and manage a variety of programs and services.

… to assist Members to offer high quality, cost effective healthcare.

… to assists Members to partner with others to make their communities healthier.

… to generate additional revenue by services to non-Members.

… to actively use strategic alliances in pursuit of its Vision..


Strategic Priorities

To fulfill its mission and implement its vision, RWHC will:

1.  Advocate for Rural Health & Healthy Communities

2.  Continue & Expand Shared Services

3.  Support Member Interests with Insurers

4.  Be a National Rural HIT Leader

5.  Drive Improvement with Balanced Score Card

6.  Add Members through Board Outreach

7.  Assure Excellent Member & External Communication

For More Information

Tim Size
Executive Director
Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative
880 Independence Ln
Sauk City, WI 53583
(608) 643-2343 or
FAX (608) 643-4936