Community Economic Development

Rural Health Equity Forum
From a Buzzword to an Action Plan
Recorded on March 5, 2024

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Program Description & Agenda:

Health equity is a hot topic in healthcare. But how does a rural healthcare organization conceptualize and operationalize health equity within their organization and community? This forum explores the effects of belonging and inclusivity on health outcomes and economic outcomes. You will learn more about the linkages among these topics and how other rural communities have successfully made their communities more welcoming with strategies you can take back to your own community today!

Target Audience:

Growth is often heralded as integral to economic development. Many community services are dependent upon community growth to ensure their funding streams remain viable. However, many rural communities are currently facing aging and shrinking demographic trends that carry with them economic challenges.
The 2020 Census data has reinforced prior research demonstrating that one of the most successful ways to combat declining rural population is through growing immigrant communities in rural areas. Ensuring that communities are welcoming and inclusive is an important development strategy to help your rural community attract and retain people and reverse challenging demographic trends. Additionally, a growing body of research is proving that belonging and inclusivity have tangible effects on our health.

The Community Economic Development Program offerings include:

  • Professional development trainings for RWHC Members focused on CED topics

  • Community Economic Analyses of interested Members’ communities through a partnership with UW Extension for facilitation
  • Compiling and disseminating relevant local economic data for RWHC Members
  • Developing a toolkit of effective CED strategies for Member use
  • Serving as a liaison to Wisconsin’s existing network of economic development professionals and resources
  • Acting as an accessible resource for Members on community economic development issues as they organically arise

Marie Barry, Director of Community Economic Development