RWHC Network, Inc.

The RWHC Network is a subsidiary of RWHC dedicated to payor-provider contracting. After considerable effort by RWHC in 1996, the U.S. Department of Justice issued a business advisory letter that allows collaboration in negotiating with health plans and other third-party payers. As a result of this business advisory letter, RWHC Network, Inc., was created in 1997. Membership in RWHC Network, Inc., is limited to RWHC Members.

The Network reviews payor contracts on behalf of Network members and suggests revisions and negotiation strategies with regard to non-sensitive terms, and posts these reviews on the member portal for use by individual hospitals in finalizing negotiations with a given payor. Depending on the circumstances, the reviews are handled by RWHC’s Director of Health Plan Contracting coordinating any legal review with Quarles & Brady, LLP as necessary. The Network will negotiate common non-sensitive terms with payers where appropriate, but the final negotiation financial and other facility specific terms of each contract rests with the individual member. The Network also provides education on managed care, clinical integration, antitrust parameters and other payor issues at regular Network meetings. The Network also provides a forum for discussion at meetings and through a Network listserve.