Letter 3 of 10: To the Struggling Nurse Right Now

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Letter 3 of 10: To the Struggling Nurse Right Now

INTRODUCTION: Erin Smital, Nursing Professional Development Educator & Nurse Residency Coordinator, RWHC

We offer a Nurse Residency Program that is designed for the new graduate nurse. It is structured around monthly learning sessions, with a focus on providing an interactive, reflective and enriched learning environment. The program is designed to enhance recruitment/retention of the new graduate nurse and support their transition into a competent practitioner. I am proud to announce that we recently completed year 18 of this program. I asked our participants to write an open letter to "The nurse struggling right now... ". These kind words of support and encouragement are meant for every nurse, in every position, in every stage of their career.

    LETTER 3  
Know that things will get easier and it is okay to have bad days. Nursing is a hard profession knowing that lives are in your hands, but it is a great feeling to know you make a difference. Always remember you are doing your best and you are not alone. It is okay to ask questions and no question is ever stupid. It is better to ask than not know and hurt a patient. Do not be afraid to ask for help or voice your opinion when you do not feel comfortable. You are going to have days where you did enough or did a good job. Just remember you did your best! You are so appreciated!
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