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 HEAT Alert

Threats and acts of violence on health care providers are on the rise. I’m sure this is not news to you, as you, your colleagues, your family and your friends may have been threatened while providing care to patients in a hospital, clinic or other health care setting. Now you can do something about it by advocating for a law that will make threats against health care workers a felony in Wisconsin.  

Lawmakers in Madison have proposed legislation (Assembly Bill 960 and Senate Bill 970) that would make threats of violence a felony in Wisconsin. Click here NOW to contact your state lawmakers and ask for them to protect you, your colleagues and your friends by supporting this important bill. 

If you have your own story, please personalize your message on the next screen to share what this legislation means to you. Describe how you or someone you know has been impacted by patients or others who have threatened you in the hospital or another care setting.  


After you’ve sent a message to your state lawmakers through this action alert, please consider sharing this HEAT Alert with friends and colleagues through individual outreach or social media. You can use this link.

We would encourage you to also share media stories similar to the ones below regarding the importance of this legislation:  

Wisconsin bill would make violent threats against health care workers a felony 

Republican Lawmakers Propose Plan to Stiffen Penalties for Violence Against Wisconsin Healthcare


Assembly Bill 960 and Senate Bill 970 

WHA Press Release  

Please contact WHA’s Vice President Advocacy Kari Hofer ( or Senior Vice President Government Relations Kyle O’Brien ( with questions or comments.  

By contacting your elected official today, you can help us deter threats of violence towards health care workers.  

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