Wipfli-RWHC Cost Champions Award

The Wipfli-RWHC Cost Champions Award has been launched to "encourage and share implemented cost savings ideas suggested by a team or individual employed by a RWHC rural hospital." 

Download the Wipfli-RWHC Cost Champions Award application (word doc ).

Applications are due by end of January to Holly S Pokrandt , CPA | Partner | Wipfli LLP

Wipfli-RWHC Cost Champions Award Recipients

  • First Place ($1,500):  Amy Hollis, MHA, CRA, RTR(M), Director of Imaging Services, at SSM Health Monroe Hospital for “Maximizing the Utilization of MRI Equipment"
  • Honorable Mention ($500):  Corey Schmidt, Director of Laboratory, Southwest Health, Platteville for "Recognizing That it Was More Cost Effective to Perform Many Lab Tests In-House Instead of Sending to an Outside Lab"
  • Honorable Mention ($500):   Linda Ryan, RN, Clinic Care Coordinator, for & Kelli Meskimen, RN, Transitional Care Nurse, at Crossing Rivers Health, Prairie du Chien for " Developing a Process to Standardize the Discharge and Follow Up Process for Patients–Transitions of Care (TCM) Model–Allowing for TCM Reimbursement."
  • First Place ($1,500):  Amanda Reilly, Director of Quality Services, at Southwest Health for “Introducing the Use of a Registered Nurse Flex Pool”
  • Honorable Mention ($500):   Ashley Thayer, PT, Director of Rehab Services, at Gundersen St. Joseph’s Hospital and Clinics for “Discontinuing the Use of Linen in Care of Rehab Patients”
  • Honorable Mention ($500):   Brian Swain, Accounting & Material Services Manager, at Stoughton Health for “ Eliminating the Use of Paper Statements for Credit Card Company”

  • First Place ($1,500):   Dan Arndt & Autumn Kumlien, Operations Services and Nutrition Coordinators, at Stoughton Hospital for “Reducing Staffing and Leveraging Community Partnerships.”
  • Honorable Mention ($500):   Melody Hargis, Director of Inpatient Services, at Door County Medical Center for “Implementing a New Staffing Plan that Called for Two IC Nurses Inhouse 24/7.”
    Honorable Mention  ($500):   Judy Dayton, Director of Ancillary Services, at Gundersen Boscobel Clinic for “Restructuring the Lab Status.”

  • First Place ($1,500):  Sauk Prairie Healthcare:  David Pulvermacher, Maintenance Mechanic
  • Honorable Mention ($500):  Stoughton Hospital Association:  Liz Touchett, Rehab Services Manager
  • Honorable Mention  ($500):  Mile Bluff Medical Center:  Rebecca Oetzman , Accounting Director

  • First Pla ce ($1,500) :  Fort HealthCare:  Greg Dempsey, Facilities Manager
  • Honorable Mention ($500):    Southwest Health Center:  Todd Lull, Director of IT
  • Honorable Mention ($500):   Sauk Prairie Memorial Hospital:  Accounting Director , Director of Materials Management; Rick Sauer, Director of Financial Services; Lynn Dederich , Distribution Assistant; Jody Cotton , Distribution Assistant; Holly Halberslaben , Clinic Manager; and Jennifer Ekenberg , Registration Specialist

  • First Place ($1,500):   Mauston: Jodi Lankey, Purchasing Agent
  • Honorable Mention ($500):   Stoughton: Julie Stenbroten, Home Health Manager
  • Honorable Mention  ($500):   Rhinelander:  Lisa Michaelis-Alft, Regional Director of Lab Services

  • First Place:  Monroe Clin ic:  Rhonda Roenneburg, Director of Imaging Services
  • Honorable Mention:   Fort Healthcare : Sally Fetherston, Materials Manager
  • Honorable Mention:  Stoughton Hospital:  Autumn Kumlien, Clinical Dietitian, and Penny Bauman, Senior PC/LAN Analyst
  • First Place:   Ministry Door County Medical Center: Dale Massey, Manager of Patient Registration
  • Honorable Mention:   Southwest Health Center: Nicole Adrian, Pharmacy Purchasing Control Technician
  • Honorable Mention:   St. Clare Hospital: Melinda Schoen, CQI Director

  • First Place:  Vernon Memorial Healthcare: Terry Bullock, Accounts Payable Clerk, Jessica Bjerkos, Accountant, and Lynn Taylor, Accountant
  • Honorable Mention:  Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital: Rita Kazda, Food Services Supervisor, and Tara Ringler, Dietician
  • Honorable Mention:  St. Croix Regional Medical Center (SCRMC): Tara Yunker, Director of Pharmacy, and Anita Lundquist, Manager of Unity Pharmacy

  • First Place:   Boscobel Area Medical Center: Nursing Staff, Fair Changes Scheduling Process that Reduced Overtime.
  • Honorable Mention:   Stoughton Hospital Association: Public Relations Department, Consolidating Multiple Newsletters into One Quarterly Publication
  • Honorable Mention:   Richland Hospital: Jim Summwalt, Revising Procedures for Maintaining Hospital's Boiler System

  • First Place:   Reedsburg Memorial Hospital : CRNAs, Revisions to Anesthesia Gas Use & Flow Rates
  • Honorable Mention:  Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital: Kelli McKee, Elimination of Unnecessary Paper Reports
  • Honorable Mention:  Richland Hospital: Monica Fry, Reduction in Cost of Digital Record Keeping