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Success Story - Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative
It’s hard enough for many of Wisconsin’s rural communities to deal with the challenges resulting from declining population, struggling family farms, and the stresses brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. What if they lost their local hospitals? Residents need access to emergency medical care, and an aging population generally depends on more—and more costly—health care. “During an economic decline, it is often very challenging for rural hospitals to keep their doors open and to retain access...
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Caring for the Workforce (and Their Kids!)
As Wisconsin and the nation continues to face record low unemployment and challenges filling workforce vacancies, many businesses and government sectors are exploring strategies to engage those who are currently out of the labor force due to barriers to employment. Many barriers exist: prior involvement in the justice system, unreliable or no transportation, mismatched skills or credentials, lack of accommodations for various disabilities, challenges with substance use, limited English proficien...
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WI Hosts Federal Reserve Bank
RWHC had the unique opportunity to host Anna Paulson, Leslie McGranahan and David Oppedahl from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to showcase rural healthcare and the communities we serve. The conversation centered around labor shortages, childcare, housing, and changing dynamics with commercial payers.
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Rural Roads to Health Careers
Growing interest in rural healthcare workforce opportunities
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A Rural Hospital Partners for Childcare
The COVID-19 pandemic is rarely discussed in positive terms. However, many hospitals are building new relationships with external partners during the pandemic to create a community-centered approach to combatting the virus. Additionally, the pandemic has shed a light on health’s integral role in economic well-being. Extending partnerships with healthcare institutions beyond the pandemic and integrating cross-sector approaches to development can result in healthier, more economically vibrant com...
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